1. Crème Brûlée

    Elegantly sweet
    Infused with good intentions
    Coated in sugar from birth
    Burnt by the heat of former lovers
    Caramelized unconsciously
    Your heart
    Incidental French dessert
    Let me spoon-break your crust
    and delight


  2. Evidence

    He took a quarter
    carved your name 
    you took a cent 
    carved his 
    an ancient tree
    feeling cheap


  3. Octopus.

    I will be forever found in the midst of controlling the will of the tentacles born around the base of my candied heart.  

  4. This is the second LP I got a few years ago… 

    (Source: cageandkey)


  5. Peace.

    Through my words solace I seek
    Wind through treetops I want to hear
    the flow of a once frozen river refreshing my feet 
    as my fishing line announces a bite
    while life’s hook carves on my face a smile


  6. a bird to pick my brains
    to help me understand 
    the origin of this rage


  7. Love will be…

    a tickle between my neurons 
    a word teasing my taste buds
    Silk over and around my finger tips
    70% cacao to my nostrils 
    autumn to my eyes 
    Winter by Vivaldi to my ears 


  8. Randomly on purpose

    There are ideas
    hunting my nerves;
    carving each bump
    after each goosebumps felt.
    Hunting my nerves.
    Carving each goosebumps felt.
    Hunting and carving.
    Hunting and carving?
    My word selection process
      pushes me over the edge;
    hunters bare guns in their hands,
    sculptors bare chisels in theirs.
    I am both: the killer, the artist.
    I am neither as well;
    I’m merely a writer 
    allowing a killer and a writer 
                    some room on this spread.  


  9. Thrift shop book

    I sit here and I wonder 
    as I read this heavy book
    why did you highlight 
           what you highlighted? 
    why did those phrases
    I sit here and I wonder 
    as I read these heavy words 
    do they have a connection?
    are there echoes of what was lived?
    I sit here and I ponder 
    as I examine every word


  10. They say we are all taking up an adventure
    All I know is the end of my road is inevitable
    I might have to walk for miles or metters
    all I want is not having to go on by myself
    I don’t know why I can’t let love in
    I’d like to understand the reason why my heart beats


  11. I had no idea

    sidewalks were still used


  12. After the shooting

    And what happened next?

    Well, everything was silent
    we both went our ways.


  13. Dexterous this child is
    at holding a cigar between his index and his thumb
    ripples of smoke fly across today´s print
    what will tomorrow’s bees feast upon?
    today’s nourishment has been malnourished  


  14. To the rhythm of blues

    Your hips
    Leading my hands
    East and west
    I feel your breasts
    Pressed against my chest
    Our lips are close
    Your hands are closer
    Our eyes shut tight
    Our breathing synchronised


  15. Why would we fight?

    Those who believe are blind
    Those who don’t believe are heartless 
    And the enemy will always lack eyes
    and will have already sold his heart