1. RE: She’d be present

    if she were flowers, 
    She wouldn’t be rose, or lily 
    she’d be chrysanthemums.
           There is no way of saying chrysanthemums 
           other than being dexterous at controlling one’s mouth
           around her I was never able to control mine
    If she were flowers
    She’d be chrysanthemums, and
    with a complex kind of simplicity  
    she’d decorate the closed casket 
    in which my heart will get to be buried
           That is the thing about us both 
           She would remain outside 
           Willing to stay around 
           until the day I couldn’t even recognize myself
           and I rotting inside 
           surrounded by 5 fragile walls and a door
           A door I’m unable to open 
    if she were flowers 
    She’d be chrysanthemums 


  2. on you

    I’ll keep my eyes shut
    I cannot let them provoke
    vicious thoughts of us


  3. E M O H

    I reside where the floor is always cold
    where the wall are somehow colder
    if I find it hard to call it home 
    it is because I haven’t defined what home is


  4. Nationalities

    some own a green card to my life 
    they are residents already
    if they’ve decided to leave 
    they can decide to come back as well

    they bare my name as a second nationality 


  5. "One is not born knowing what dishonesty is. When one is born, everything is bright and clear."

  6. "One cannot hide from nuclear war, and some hearts can be mistaken for hydrogen bombs."

  7. Knots

    our souls will engage in conversations 
    the sound of our voices will not interrupt
    our hearts will be smiling
    after each word a pause
    we’ll think of ourselves
    as having been understood 
    as never before
    the edge of our hands will meet
    and our fingers will get entangled 
    knots so strong we won’t be able to untie
    knots so strong they’ll endure a lifetime 


  8. never again

    my alarms will go off one after the other
    I haven’t called my mother today
    today was not a good day to take that exit
    a better way to carpeting the office does not exist
    I hope someone takes care of my bills
    how are they going to decide over my things?
    I never thought as useful writing a will 
    the barrel of his gun is kissing my forehead
    I am starting to sweat
    I am not wearing deodorant
    I never got to have a daughter
      or a son
    I’ll never get to be a grandfather
    I haven’t met someone worthy of being my wife
    today is not the best day to die
    I am going to die

    prompt: A man facing his executioner 


  9. Inspire me

    My ask is open 
    you can reply
    I need some prompts


  10. I am somewhere 
    between thoughts
    right now
    the gap is great
    I might fall down


  11. absence

    where are your words
    I hope
    no where near someone else’s ears


  12. one needs to be alive
    to live one’s own life
    no more social tranquillizers 
    no more following the masses
    one needs to be alive


  13. live.

    run down the darkest alleys 
    step over spilled garbage 
    faster faster faster faster
    dodge bullets from honest bandits
    kiss strangers on their necks
    run hypothetical knives down your wrists
    bleed your own humanity away
    stain the whitest cloths with drops of sweat
    and live 
    leave my friend.


  14. I can grow (tired)

    I know you can tell time
    I know you know it’s late
    I know you know 
    how it irritates 
    if darkness comes and covers me
    and you haven’t pronounced a word
    it’s late, honey
    you ain’t stepping through this door
    which I´ll keep open for hours
    my hopes will help me hold its weight
    we all grow tired, honey 
    please, don’t       be        late


  15. Scarlet stockings

    a word you couldn´t hear
    you have not been able to hear them
    for what it seems like an eternity
    today you needed to hear
    the world needed to be listened
    but you have not been able to hear
    it seemed like an eternity
    you were wearing scarlet stockings
    as the world was trying to save you
    the world saved you
    it wasn’t easy
    you couldn’t hear
    the world heard you
    we are all glad
    the world heard you