1. The beverage menu

    I’ve ground nights 
    I’ve turned them into dust 
    I’m collecting them all 
    for whenever I’m craving a bitter drink
    or something cold 
    I’ll brew my memories 
    I’ll drink them up
    from being useless 
    into nourishing my soul
    I’ll brew those nights
    I’ll drink them up


  2. Mere Thoughts

    the reassuring second number.

    Why would I fasten my seatbelt 
    if we are going nowhere after all? 


  3. "So therefore I dedicate myself to myself, to my art, my sleep, my dreams, my labors, my suffrances, my loneliness, my unique madness, my endless absorption and hunger - because I cannot dedicate myself to any fellow being."
    — Jack Kerouac (via hemingwayslemonade)

    (Source: wordsnquotes, via poemsofthequiet)


  4. Your experience.

    we are all there
    my angels
    my demons
    you and I 
    on paper
    paper I can’t roll
        into cigars I can’t smoke


  5. mere thoughts

    the repetitive number one.

    we could be preparing something sweet 
    like rice pudding or baileys ice cream
    but instead we don’t speak


  6. you know me?
    then explain
    the wall.
    I’d like to know 
    why I can’t climb it;
    why I can’t cross.
    The other side,
    I’ve been told,
    is great to go to.
    I seem to be stuck. 
    you know me. right?
    then, explain!
    go on! 


  7. play.

    Whoever gave you words 
    did not mean for you to throw them.
    Words are not stones; 
    if you are planning to hurt, 
    be thoughtful about each letter.


  8. Not precisely a good thing

    I think I’ll explode 
    I’ll explode
    into hundreds of words 
    millions of words
    your eyes won’t want to read
    but you’ll read
    since each will be inspired
    inspired by your being


  9. 2014-2

    if your eyes follow mine
    find a way to divert their sight
    look at the flowers, look at the ocean, look at the plants
    they can feed you, surprise you, wash you anew 
    my eyes however, they can’t.

  10. Guatemalan flavours. 
    stews and sofritos to feed our souls. 

  11. Kalimoxtos at Antigua Guatemala. 

    perfect afternoon. 


  12. 2014-1

    one day mother finally asked 
    what were her son’s reasons
    to wearing cowboy pjs
    to what her son replied

    Mom, I can see my dreams 
    most of the times I wanna keep them
    so I throw my lace to catch them 
    and I pull hard ‘til my hand can reach them


  13. Finding passion

    High cealing
    Cold floor
    Narrow space
    They all evaporate
    Into black haze
    Floating appears
    a blue flame
    It calls his name
    He knows he’s safe


  14. if rain starts falling 
    I hope it falls for you
    allowing every droplet 
    to get some of your perfume
    then each one 
    impregnated with your aroma
    will start a journey
    from your skin
    to the clouds blocking my sky
    if rain starts falling 
    then you’ll be falling too. 


  15. Live.

    The door is big enough 
    for you and your suitcase
    for you and your suitcase 
    a journey awaits 

    The road is long enough
    for you and your suitcase 
    your suitcase needs to know
    how life can wear it down

    at the end of the road
    you and your suitcase 
    will find yourselves at home 
    and you won’t have to wonder
    where you are coming from

    you and your suitcase will know