1. Why would we fight?

    Those who believe are blind
    Those who don’t believe are heartless 
    And the enemy will always lack eyes
    and will have already sold his heart


  2. A Rain Forest
    His heart
    A Bulldozer
    future comes


  3. art Gallery

    Concepts are hung on walls, displayed on shelves, deliberately placed on the floor. Maybe we should all be dead. There are no people to avoid; it’s early in the afternoon. As I look around I pretend to marvel as my eyes meet the photographies of an artist whose pseudonym I will, for no reason, keep secret. Green trees. Windows. Love-seats. Lamps. No people. I retreat myself from the edge of an abyss to meet a blimp which direction leads to a day of a previous August. I saw that day’s projection in between two neon lights intending to illuminate the gallery midday; They did, however, illuminate a portion of my memories. We said plenty of things back then, we did a great number as well. It was a happy birthday, now it is just another anniversary.    


  4. Motif

    If there are thoughts we should control
    Mine ran away some days ago

    If there are ways to keep on sight
    Mine are nowhere to be found

    I am crooked tree
    My branches chosen to hang swings


  5. A lawyer’s work

    Waves of spring flodded a crisp white coloured meadow
    -Fairness fails to meassure its presence often-
    said the now-colourful meadow’s lawyer
    -if we were to give each season what each deserved-
    Kept the lawyer on going
    -we would allow winter’s white to stay
    We would push spring’s colourful shades away
    Since the blue hue conquering today’s atmosphere
    Does not mach the tone of any flower, not even on a petal
    I beg to delay
    The biryh of a season
    Whose beauty would go unnoticed-


  6. Tanka #1

    mortars cracking down my bones;
    marrowless bone dust,
    off it goes along the wind.


  7. Thinking about you.

    I didn’t wake up thinking about you
    I took a cold shower for the first time in years
    As I caught my breath again I heard the radio
    Naked and attentive to the lyrics
    The radio suggested a tuesday morning next to you
    I thought it was a great idea


  8. Haiku #5

    Don’t let me be he
    who goes off to swim in lakes
    When you are the sea


  9. Haiku #3

    This violin sings
    Here, I travel nowhere to
    And it’s beautiful


  10. I met you
    We met
    You ceased recognizing me
    One day
    I kept you
    In drowers
    It seems as if bones I collect


  11. Stripper

    I’ll strip down in front of you
    I’ll keep my clothes on
    You’ll see right through me 
    You’ll see right though
    I’ll strip down in front of you
    my sweater on 
    head held high up
    I am not afraid 
    I am not ashamed 


  12. Silent(ly)

    a world went missing
    and the universe understood
    "It’s always silent after we kiss"


  13. The wrong way to go.

    Deep thought no. 1

    We were happy then
    Dinner was gracefully served
    We ate cordon bleu


  14. RE: She’d be present

    if she were flowers, 
    She wouldn’t be rose, or lily 
    she’d be chrysanthemums.
           There is no way of saying chrysanthemums 
           other than being dexterous at controlling one’s mouth
           around her I was never able to control mine
    If she were flowers
    She’d be chrysanthemums, and
    with a complex kind of simplicity  
    she’d decorate the closed casket 
    in which my heart will get to be buried
           That is the thing about us both 
           She would remain outside 
           Willing to stay around 
           until the day I couldn’t even recognize myself
           and I rotting inside 
           surrounded by 5 fragile walls and a door
           A door I’m unable to open 
    if she were flowers 
    She’d be chrysanthemums 


  15. on you

    I’ll keep my eyes shut
    I cannot let them provoke
    vicious thoughts of us