1. Scenario #1

    My fingertips left a trace of skin cells and smell no one followed
    that night at Antigua when my hand felt each wall built along the road I walked
    Music needed not to exist since a Jazz band was playing in my head 
    playing to the beat of a night lit up by a non-existent moon


  2. A road

    I’ve waked hundreds of miles
    to get where you are
    to get where you are
    just to make you smile 
    I’ve fallen in love 
    due to your hazel eyes
    due to your hazel eyes
    I’ve walked hundreds of miles 


  3. Every now and then life forces you to wear an astronaut suit 
    every person you make contact with is an alien
    and gravity seems to have no impact over your walking
    you get to know new galaxies within everyone’s dreams
    and home seems to be light years away  


  4. Some people like diving into colourful-flowers-filled water
    some people would rather dive into deep blue 

  5. Curiosity 
    by Edgar Meza

    @ Cerro Santo Domingo, Antigua Guatemala


  6. It all started with a click
    I clicked
    You clicked
    We clicked
    How great technology is!


  7. Welcome

    My words might make mistakes
    every once in a while
    they run wild around my head
    in disorder I blurb them out
    I’m not asking you to understand
    if you want to comprehend
    formulate questions, ask away!
    Welcome to my brains


  8. Distance

    You are submerged between strokes of dark blue paint and silk
    your aura handles itself as in a permanent tea party 
    I long to get closer to you, and hold your hands in mine
    but you are not that type girl, and I’m not your type of man


  9. Reading in photographs 
    fragments of his own reality
    gazing at twitter biographies 
    finding pieces of what he misses 


  10. Crème Brûlée

    Elegantly sweet
    Infused with good intentions
    Coated in sugar from birth
    Burnt by the heat of former lovers
    Caramelized unconsciously
    Your heart
    Incidental French dessert
    Let me spoon-break your crust
    and delight


  11. Evidence

    He took a quarter
    carved your name 
    you took a cent 
    carved his 
    an ancient tree
    feeling cheap


  12. Octopus.

    I will be forever found in the midst of controlling the will of the tentacles born around the base of my candied heart.  

  13. This is the second LP I got a few years ago… 

    (Source: cageandkey)


  14. Peace.

    Through my words solace I seek
    Wind through treetops I want to hear
    the flow of a once frozen river refreshing my feet 
    as my fishing line announces a bite
    while life’s hook carves on my face a smile


  15. a bird to pick my brains
    to help me understand 
    the origin of this rage